Monday, May 12, 2014

Domaine Montel Merlot from Mt. Bethel Winery

Sorry that I've been away so long. To be honest, I've been just taking it easy. I have, however, discovered a wine that many of you will not be able to find. It is an Arkansas wine from Mount Bethel Winery. Domaine Montel Merlot is a rich ruby red wine, aged up to 12 months in well seasoned American White Oak, with a spicy flavor balanced by the crisp berry flavor of the Merlot grape. I found it quite enjoyable and hope that you have the opportunity to try it. You can order it on line if you live in a state that allows import by mail. Otherwise, you will just have to visit Mount Bethel in Altus, Arkansas. During your visit, drink in the scenic beauty of the Ozark mountain while sampling the offerings of five local wineries. Oh, and while you are there, try Kelts Restaurant, located on the square in Altus. They have one of the best burgers I've ever eaten.


  1. Glad to see you are taking a wine-break. And a local one at that. The Altus winery would make for a lovely spring outing; thanks for bringing another interesting choice to the attention of your fans.
    Still - don't forget to write!

  2. Perhaps we will get the chance to visit Arkansas' wine country again soon and find some new treasures to share. Thanks you for your note. I know, back to writing.